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James Rising, UC Berkeley

James Rising is a researcher at the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley. He studies and develops frameworks to model the feedback loops between environmental and human systems.

Hi, I'm the chief developer of the Distributed Meta-Analysis System. I want to tell you about how DMAS can help you as a fellow scientist collaborate and get results.

Solomon Hsiang, UC Berkeley

Solomon Hsiang combines data with mathematical models to understand how society and the environment influence one another.

DMAS is a like a live literature review of quantitative results, with tools for comparing them, combining them, and collaborating around them. There is a lot more there, but I hope that gives you a sense of what is possible. Thanks for listening and I look forward to your contributions.

Brenda Chen, Google

Brenda Chen is currently exploring the intersection of data, research, and design as a UX Researcher at Google

As a researcher, I enjoy breaking down a complex problem into its key components, collecting insights from data, and then putting it all back together in a clear and meaningful story.

Evelyn Tio, Google

Evelyn Tio is a User Experience researcher at Google.

Bob Kopp, Rutgers

Bob Kopp is a climate scientist, Earth historian, geobiologist, and energy policy wonk.

Divya Garg, UC Berkeley

Divya Garg has always been passionate about leveraging technology to design and develop products that solve real customer problems focusing on a rich User Experience.

Siqi Wang, UC Berkeley

Siqi Wang is pursuing a Master's degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley.

Carlo Liquido, UC Berkeley

Carlo Liquido is interested in data analytics, information visualization, and human-computer interaction, with the specific intent of using data for social good.